Including Anti-Racist and Anti-Misogyny Teaching

“We often assume that all teachers within a discipline address the same curriculum. This isn’t always the case. We frequently find gaps between goals and what is actually taught, and these gaps can have a lasting impact on a child’s learning.” – Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Amazingly, as there is no curriculum for athletics, there are no specific outcomes or goals for students that apply to all teams, school and district-wide.  Coaches are left rudderless, and therefore, players have uneven experiences within the same school.  Coaches are not evaluated on how well they teach the written and stated goals because none exist.

As an example, if a curriculum has as its foundational goal, “Students should know how to create a positive, safe and supportive environment” because science has proven that most people perform at their best in such an atmosphere, negative coaches would have to be reevaluated.

A curriculum would bring into focus clear outcomes that reflect the science-based skills necessary to achieve found in sport psychology, social-emotional learning, and positive psychology. It would also specifically give guidance to coaches on how to teach anti-racist and anti-misogynistic lessons on their teams.