Competitive, interscholastic sport is a well-meaning and enjoyable experience for children, if they have the right coach. That qualifier, getting the “right” coach, is the problem in youth and high school sports that is addressed on this website.

A rudderless system, based on some generalized statements of purpose, makes for a poor education.  Each coach must be evaluated upon and guided by a district or league-wide written curriculum followed by all teams which have goals for the outcomes desired.  As long as the absence of a curriculum continues, the experiences of students will continue to be varied, potentially abusive, and missing the unequaled opportunity to teach and practice the skills of emotional well-being while concurrently improving performance.

“From 2015 to 2018, Khari and Mitch worked on the Remodeling Athletics Committee for Boston Public Schools and changed the mission and vision of sports teams.”

GetPsychedSports is now furthering the work accomplished at Boston Public Schools by advocating for:

  • a significant decision-making voice being given to students; 
  • a facilitating and collaborative role for coaches instead of an authoritative “factory” boss model, and;
  • a written sport psychology/social emotional learning curriculum to practice the transferable sciences that make people perform better, at work, in athletics and throughout life.


GetPsychedSports.org is dedicated to advancing a model of high school and youth sports teams where facilitating coaches intentionally and explicitly teach social-emotional learning (SEL) and sport psychology skills within a positive, safe, student-centric framework.


It is our vision that school districts, through a written curriculum, provide athletic opportunities for students to develop anti-racism, anti-misogyny, social-emotional competencies through interscholastic sports so that they may become self-aware, empathetic and ethical citizens.